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That's why we love our baskets from Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe

All baskets are exceptionally shaped, inspired by garlic cloves, porcupines, hills.
Used material is palm fibers, but also reeds, tendrils and twigs.
Every basket is a statement.

Buhera basket black
Buhera basket black Sale price€329
Garlic gourd black
Garlic gourd black Sale priceFrom €199
Garlic gourd
Garlic gourd Sale priceFrom €149
Buhera basket natural 35 cm
Buhera basket natural 50 cm
Buhera basket natural 80 cm
Butternut Gourd
Butternut Gourd Sale price€149
Nyami Nyami basket XL
Nyami Nyami basket XL Sale price€879
Nyami Nyami basket L
Nyami Nyami basket L Sale price€749
Nyami Nyami basket M
Nyami Nyami basket M Sale price€495
Munyumbwe Laundry Basket
Munyumbwe Laundry Basket Sale price€379
Munyumbwe Shopping Basket
Munyumbwe Shopping Basket Sale price€115
Phiri Basket
Phiri Basket Sale priceFrom €99
Addmo Korb - Mo's Interior Art
Addmo basket Sale price€139
Half garlic gourd basket
Half garlic gourd basket Sale price€109
porcupine basket
porcupine basket Sale price€149
Tonga basket
Tonga basket Sale price€79
Tonga basket plate
Tonga basket plate Sale priceFrom €59
Buhera Korb natur-weiß gestreift - Mo's Interior Art
Buhera Korb weiß - Mo's Interior Art
Buhera basket white Sale price€189