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Necklace Floos
Necklace Floos Sale price€110
Bracelet Floos
Bracelet Floos Sale price€49
Earrings Dots
Earrings Dots Sale price€49
Bracelet Dots
Bracelet Dots Sale priceFrom €49
Bracelet Dots
Bracelet Dots Sale price€59
Bracelet Hoop
Bracelet Hoop Sale price€79
Collar Handira
Collar Handira Sale price€129
Earrings Handira
Earrings Handira Sale price€54
Earrings Crochet mink & dusty pink
Earrings Crochet cumin & turmeric
Earrings Crochet grey & cumin
Earrings Crochet fuchsia & coral
Necklace Sipolio
Necklace Sipolio Sale price€259
Necklace Warrior
Necklace Warrior Sale price€139
Bracelet Warrior
Bracelet Warrior Sale price€69
Porcupine earrings
Porcupine earrings Sale price€99
Earrings Kisongo
Earrings Kisongo Sale price€65
Earrings Endito
Earrings Endito Sale price€45
Hoop earrings Endito
Hoop earrings Endito Sale price€65
Bracelet Endito
Bracelet Endito Sale price€45
Earrings Dhamani
Earrings Dhamani Sale price€99
Earrings Maya
Earrings Maya Sale price€95
Earrings Fez
Earrings Fez Sale price€95
Earrings Fagila
Earrings Fagila Sale price€99
Earrings Lineo Loop
Earrings Lineo Loop Sale price€95
Earrings Fena
Earrings Fena Sale price€95
Necklace Faridah
Necklace Faridah Sale price€249
Necklace Faith
Necklace Faith Sale price€395
Necklace Dhamani
Necklace Dhamani Sale price€495
Jute shopping bag
Jute shopping bag Sale price€79
Weekend bag Lamu #1
Weekend bag Lamu #1 Sale price€229
Weekend bag Lamu #2
Weekend bag Lamu #2 Sale price€229
Weekend bag Lamu #3
Weekend bag Lamu #3 Sale price€229