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What we love

The Exceptional. Unique pieces with history. Patina. Earth tones. Natural materials. Traditionally handcrafted products.

who we are

Maria, a one woman show with lots of support. Based near Hamburg in Germany. Passionate about her dog, interior and strawberries. And Mo(ritz), the soul dog. Passionate about water and all kinds of yummy food. And namesake for Mo's Interior Art.

who we work with

Meet the makers in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America. All artisans and suppliers are paid fairly for their craftsmanship and products. So traditions are not only preserved, but local families and companies are supported in the long term.


We treasure the amazing craftsmanship of our artisans worldwide. Their pieces bring soul into our home.


We believe in treating each other with respect: equally with clients, suppliers and service providers.


We try to minimize our ecological footprint and recycle as much packaging as possible.