our philosophy

Every piece tells its own story.

Every day we are on the lookout for the most beautiful individual pieces that are available worldwide in the field of interior and home accessories. We rely almost exclusively on individual pieces, handmade production and exceptional design. Many of our pieces are very old and have their very own past.

Maria & Mo(ritz)

I am behind the new brand: Maria Meyland, 45, in the North of Hamburg. Happy with husband and dog which turned out to be my soul dog, hence he's namesake: Mo(ritz). Challenging start, but then he took off brilliantly as the best companion. So which name would have matched better?!

My path led me through advertising for over 20 years. With Mo's Interior Art, I'm now fulfilling my dream of offering interiors that are beyond mainstream: 

Products that are special. For people who know the value of handmade work, of items with a long traditional history, of natural materials, of patina instead of just new goods. Each piece is curated individually, I know every single story.

Instead of relying on exchangeable, cheap mass-produced goods, I would like to advise: shop less, but consciously! Slow living is the game changer: take the time to get to know the history of the product and pay attention to the details in quality and design.

Looking forward to exchanging ideas with you!
All the best,
Maria & Moritz