Who is actually behind it?

Maria & Moritz

I'm behind the new label: Maria Meyland, 44, in the North of Hamburg. Happy with husband and dog. My dog turned out to be a soul dog, so he is namesake: Mo (ritz). Difficult in the beginning, but then a brilliant start as the best companion. So which name would have been better ?!

My path led me through advertising for over 20 years. With Mo's Interior Art, I am now fulfilling my dream of offering interiors beyond the mainstream:

Products that are special. For people who know the value of work done by human hands, of traditional products with a long history, of materials that are natural, of patina instead of exclusively new goods.

Every piece is selected individually, I know every single story.

Instead of relying so often on exchangeable, inexpensive mass-produced goods, I would like to advocate: shop less, but consciously and better! The term slow living plays a central role: Take the time to get to know the history of the product and focus on the details and the special features in quality and design.

I look forward to exchanging ideas with you at any time. Have fun shopping!

All the best, Maria & Moritz 🖤