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Senufo stool XXL
Senufo stool XXL Sale price€795
Senufo stool mini
Senufo stool mini Sale price€159
Dagaare chair
Dagaare chair Sale price€1.995
Baoulé chair
Baoulé chair Sale price€429
Kuba Cloth XXL
Kuba Cloth XXL Sale price€379
Egyptian sculpture
Egyptian sculpture Sale price€795
Batonga Stool
Batonga Stool Sale price€229
Berber jar
Berber jar Sale price€295
Ring stool pitch black
Ring stool pitch black Sale price€429
Kuba Cloth Vintage Pouf - Mo's Interior Art
Kuba cloth vintage pouf Sale price€595
Vintage Dromedar Konsole - Mo's Interior Art
Vintage dromedary console Sale price€1.490
Vintage Truhe Rattan XL - Mo's Interior Art
Vintage chest rattan XL Sale price€695
The "La Main" table/stool
The "La Main" table/stool Sale price€995
Coffee table Moroccan tray
Kaolo (Hornbill) Senufo bird
Kaolo (Hornbill) Senufo bird Sale price€2.750
Senufo daybed
Senufo daybed Sale price€2.495
Old Bamileke Spider Stool
Old Bamileke Spider Stool Sale price€1.695
Alte Trommel Holz/Leder - Mo's Interior Art
Old drum wood / leather Sale price€349
Modern Senufo stool
Modern Senufo stool Sale price€600
Solid wooden tripod stool
Solid wooden tripod stool Sale price€700
Kaurimuschel Schale - Mo's Interior Art
Cowrie shell bowl Sale price€219
Cowrie shell bowl with lid
Fulani Schale - Mo's Interior Art
Fulani bowl #1 Sale price€295
Fulani Schale - Mo's Interior Art
Fulani bowl #2 Sale price€295
Äthiopisches Kaffee Tablett - Mo's Interior Art
Ethiopian coffee tray Sale price€195
Tray Enjira
Tray Enjira Sale price€129
Antike Keramik Schale - Mo's Interior Art
Antique ceramic bowl Sale price€495
Tablett Holz mit goldfarbenen Griffen - Mo's Interior Art
Lozi Container
Lozi Container Sale price€179
Enjira Basket - Mo's Interior Art
Basket Enjira Sale price€129
HeHe Hocker klein - Mo's Interior Art
HeHe stool small Sale price€129
HeHe Hocker - Mo's Interior Art
HeHe stool Sale price€249
Chokwe Hocker - Mo's Interior Art
Chokwe stool Sale price€129
Headrest - Mo's Interior Art
Headrest Sale price€79
Shona Pot - Mo's Interior Art
Shona Pot Sale price€129
Calabash Pot - Mo's Interior Art
Calabash Pot Sale price€79
Opium Coffee Table - Mo's Interior Art
Opium coffee table Sale price€295
Zebra Holz Stomper - Mo's Interior Art
Zebra wood stomper Sale price€179
Stuhl Gurage 1 - Mo's Interior Art
Chair Gurage #1 Sale price€595
Stuhl Gurage 2 - Mo's Interior Art
Chair Gurage #2 Sale price€595
Stuhl Gurage 3 - Mo's Interior Art
Chair Gurage #3 Sale price€595
Benin bronze head
Benin bronze head Sale price€695
Bronze Leopard - Mo's Interior Art
Bronze leopard Sale price€179
Bronze Bangle - Mo's Interior Art
Bronze bangle Sale price€195
Namji doll gold
Namji doll gold Sale priceFrom €89
Namji doll white
Namji doll white Sale price€149
Namji doll blue
Namji doll blue Sale priceFrom €119
Fang masks brown, 1 pair
Fang masks brown, 1 pair Sale price€249