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Garlic gourd

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size — XL #3

Garlic gourd

The Garlic Gourd is unique in design. Made from palm trees, these baskets were originally used to store grain and were hand-woven.

All baskets are made from hand-woven Ilala palm in the traditional way by Ndebele women. The weaving tradition continues for generations when women gather under a tree to discuss current issues and share problems. Children play nearby and try their hand at weaving.

Ndebele women are often the breadwinners of their extended families. The money received for basket weaving means cash income that gives Ndebele women more independence and personal responsibility.

The baskets are handmade, no stencils or molds are used, so each basket is unique. No two baskets are alike!

XS / 30 - 35 cm
S / 50 - 55 cm
M / 60 - 65 cm
L / 70 - 75 cm
XL / 80 - 85 cm
XXL / 95 - 100 cm

Please note: This is not the height but the circumference, a Garlic Gourd is traditionally measured from the neck halfway along the basket to the middle of the bottom. 

Garlic gourd