Big Jemima 10 Cows Basket #1

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These colorful baskets come from Ghana and are traditionally made by hand: a week's work per basket!

Due to the material used - elephant grass - the baskets are particularly stable and robust.

Jemima Akologo was the first to make this type of basket - so of course the baskets were named after her. But that's not all: Traditionally, the dowry in Bolgatanga consists of five cows. But Jemima wanted 10... That's why Jemima 10 cows.

The incredibly talented weavers in Ghana are paid fairly and receive a commission for each basket sold. In this way, traditional local craftsmanship is not only preserved, but also sustainably promoted.

Dimensions: diameter 45-50 cm, height 50 cm (approximate, each basket is different)
Origin: Ghana
Material: elephant grass
Nice to know: each piece is a unique Fair Trade item

All products are original, unique and handmade. No two items are exactly alike and because of this there may be variations in colour, size and condition.

Water does not harm the basket. In fact, you can reshape the basket by submerging it completely in water and letting it dry in the sun. Small shipping dents can be fixed by submerging the basket in water and reshaping it.

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