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Afghan cotton pendant

Regular price €550
size — S long

Afghan cotton pendant

From weaving the cotton to welding the steel structure into its final shape: The lamps combine Afghan tradition with a modern approach.

Each pendant lamp is handcrafted in Afghan family workshops. This local project now supports around 1,000 families, preserves the “Afghan savoir-faire” by passing on the traditional handicrafts to future generations.

SIZE S LONG: dia 34cm, h 70cm
SIZE S: dia 61cm, h 68cm
SIZE M: dia 53cm, h 71cm
SIZE L: dia 61cm, h 68cm
SIZE XL: dia 69cm, h 77cm

Supplied with a 2m long cable made of hand-knotted jute with a light bulb socket, without light bulb, without ceiling cover.

Afghan cotton pendant