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antique Ukraine grey pot #2

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antique Ukraine grey pot #2

Our collection consists of rare finds: Each piece dates from the beginning of last century, each pot is absolutely unique in shape, color and structure.

Pottery has been a time honored tradition in Ukraine for centuries: The pots have been (and still are) used for cooking over a fire or as containers for storing milk, juice and winde. Our pottery has been completely sourced from villages across the Carpathian Mountains. 

We love the individual beauty: Each pot tells its own story and is an authentic testament to old tradition and culture. Imperfections due to use and age enhance the character of uniqueness. 

May not be water tight. If you want to use the pot as a vase, put a container in it to be on the safe side.

  • h 25cm, dia 26cm, opening 17cm
  • handmade of natural materials
  • each pot is one-of-a-kind
  • dating back to the 20thc
  • expect antique pot in original condition
antique Ukraine grey pot #2