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Original Tulu carpet purple

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Tulu is derived from the Turkish word "tüylü", which means something like "hairy". The technique used for weaving is very similar to "Gabbeh" from Iran, "Beni Ourain" from Morocco and "Rijy" from Finland. All carpets were made for functional rather than commercial purposes and in mountainous areas, so they all have a thick pile to protect against the cold. Their weave is coarser so they could be woven quickly at home.

Tulu carpets are traditionally woven in Karapinar in Eastern Konya in Turkey. This region is a semi-desert, and in the North there are barren mountains with harsh winters and hot summers. The villagers used Tulu carpets in cold winters as flooring, bedding, blankets or wall hangings. In the summer they moved with their sheep and goats to the mountains in the North to avoid the extreme heat.

This carpet is a special Tulu carpet, completely colored in bright purple. Made from wool.

235cm x 114cm



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