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Omani basket #9

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Omani basket #9

Bedouin women living in the vast gravel and sand plains of Central and Southern Oman collect the fronds of wild desert palm to make beautiful coiled baskets, each of which is designed with a particular purpose in mind:

Bowl shaped baskets are covered in leather (and fur) and used for the daily collection of camel and goat milk; decorative lidded baskets are made for the safe-keeping of jewelry, incence, cosmetics and other personal possessions. 

Each basket is a testament to the resourcefulness of desert dwelling artisans in suing the few materials at hand to provide every day needs. Each basket is a unique work of art.

  • dia 45cm, h 13cm
  • unique piece
  • also beautiful as wall basket (leather strap for mounting)
  • authentic Bedouin artefact
Omani basket #9