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Egyptian alabaster candle holder

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Wonderful candle holders cut from Egyptian alabaster stone. Alabaster candle holders are unique for the warm, intimate and magical light they offer: the candlelight shines through the stone! Every piece is handmade in Luxor, in Egypt, where the alabaster has been mined for thousands of years since Pharaonic times!

Making an alabaster candle holder is labor and time intensive: the stone needs to be cut gradually by hand so the crystals in the stone do not break. All items are therefore unique and small variations in shape and color may occur.

large: dia 15cm, h 25cm; medium: dia 13cm, h 20cm (large and medium are the two biggest in the pictures shown)

We suggest to use sand on the bottom of the candle holder to prevent candlewax from sticking. Alabaster cannot be cleaned with water! Use fine sandpaper to remove stains.

size — M



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