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Scented candle Trullo Apulia

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Scented candle Trullo Apulia

A young start-up from Italy is creating these wonderfully beautiful scented candles. The label is a personal homage to the Itria Valley and its native flora. The beautiful ceramic vessels were inspired by the iconic shape of the trulli (cylindrical buildings with a conical roof) from the Itria Valley, designed by Carola Altamura, handcrafted by the master potter Franco Fasano in Grottaglie. The handcrafted design is reminiscent of the "Macchiato", the innovative colors are made with the traditional Apulian dripping technique.

Conceived in collaboration with a renowned French fragrance company, "Foglie di Fico" is reminiscent of the scent of fig tree leaves in the summer sun and combines the gentle, sweet notes of juicy fruit with a fresh herbal note. You will love it! The candles come from an old Italian wax factory. Only natural materials such as clay, vegetable soy wax, glass, raw linen and recycled cardboard are used for production.

vessel: h 21 cm, dia 10cm, candle: h 8cm, dia 9cm, burning time 25 hours
scope of delivery: 1 ceramic vessel with lid, 1 candle in a glass

Scented candle Trullo Apulia