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Serge Anton Canvas "little boy with teddy"

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Serge Anton Canvas "little boy with teddy"

Serge Anton is an internationally renowned fashion and interior design photographer. He lives and works in Brussels and has traveled the world for the last 30 years. The result is unique and breathtaking portraits of people from different cultures, religions and countries.

In his pictures, Serge Anton manages to make the human soul visible in front of the camera and to tell their own story without any words but impressively. Serge Anton's paintings can now be found all over the world, often in modern restaurants and hotels.

The photos are printed on Canvas Fine Art using a special process (sublimation). Each canvas has a hem at the top and bottom into which a thin metal bar is inserted. As a result, the canvas is perfectly tensed and can be hung up without any problems. A metal rod with a length of 110cm is required for the top, 100cm for the bottom, each 1cm in diameter. Supplied without metal rod/hanger.

h 150cm, w 100cm

Serge Anton Canvas "little boy with teddy"