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Hocker Regenbogen - Mo's Interior Art
Stool rainbow Sale price€200
Vase Regenbogen - Mo's Interior Art
Vase rainbow Sale price€80
Stool Tam Tam
Stool Tam Tam Sale price€350
Deko Teller s/w auf Stand - Mo's Interior Art
Vase light blue
Vase light blue Sale price€450
Vase red
Vase red Sale price€450
Post Oil Schale - Mo's Interior Art
Post oil bowl Sale price€39
Post Oil Tablett - Mo's Interior Art
Post oil tray Sale price€39
Carved wooden jug with handle
Vintage brass jar with lid
Designwolf goldfarben - Mo's Interior Art
Design wolf gold colored Sale price€330
Bone inlay side table 3-legs
Spiegel Schuhleisten - Mo's Interior Art
Golden Chakki / traditioneller indischer Teetisch - Mo's Interior Art
Wooden bowl with carvings
Recycled wood bowl black
Recycled wood bowl black Sale price€89
Solid wooden bowl with handle
Mirror laser cut
Mirror laser cut Sale price€149
"Pure Frida" Leinwand
"Pure Frida" Leinwand Sale price€199
Nepalese Pottery Shanti - Mo's Interior Art
Nepalese pottery Shanti Sale price€50
Iron bowl
Iron bowl Sale price€129
Wooden jug
Wooden jug Sale priceFrom €39
"Charpai" Daybed stool
"Charpai" Daybed stool Sale price€150
Elephant's butt
Elephant's butt Sale price€1.990
Kids' wagon
Kids' wagon Sale price€1.395
Fire bowl
Fire bowl Sale priceFrom €99
HeHe stool / side table
HeHe stool / side table Sale price€199
Wooden cactus Swazi Botanicals
antique urn lamp with Leo print shade
base table lamp
base table lamp Sale price€155
Black rattan lampshade incl. electric fitting
100 year old Chinese wooden chair
design chair camphor wood
design chair camphor wood Sale price€1.990
design stool camphor wood
design stool camphor wood Sale price€790
Vintage rice stool #1
Vintage rice stool #1 Sale price€449
Vintage rice stool #2
Vintage rice stool #2 Sale price€349
Vintage Deko Pinsel - Mo's Interior Art
Vintage decorative brush Sale price€69
Antique wood and leather vessel Mongolia
console table pink
console table pink Sale price€995
Old Chinese wooden bench
Old Chinese wooden bench Sale price€2.395
Old wooden side table
Old wooden side table Sale price€749
Carpet stand solid wood
Carpet stand solid wood Sale price€595
large kids' carousel airplane red
large kids' carousel airplane yellow
Hocker Ziegenleder - Mo's Interior Art
Goatskin stool Sale price€129
Traditional Indian tea tables, set of 3
Nagaland basket
Nagaland basket Sale price€109
Großer, alter, indischer Wasserbehälter - Mo's Interior Art