Sheepskin Tibet

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It's fluffy. It's soft. It's curly. Wonderful sheepskin. Not of protected species, of course.

All sheepskins are by-products of the meat industry. The sheep are not killed specifically for the fur!

Dimensions: 115 - 125 cm x 70 - 80 cm

Origin: Tibet

Color: dark grey

Material: sheepskin

Nice to know: each piece is unique

All products are original, unique and handmade. No two items are exactly alike, and as a result, there may be discrepancies in color, size, and condition.

Care and washing instructions:


Normally, it is enough to shake the fur regularly so that it continues to look light and fluffy. Regular shaking will also remove superficial dirt and dust from the fur. You can also vacuum the fur on a low setting. We recommend brushing the fur occasionally with a special lambskin brush. This way you avoid the hair becoming matted or sticking together and the fur looks like new after each brush.


Smaller stains and superficial dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. In the case of coarser stains, for example from leftover food, you can take the larger pieces off the fur directly by hand and allow the rest to dry out. Dried stains can then be brushed out with a fur brush. Never wash an Icelandic lambskin in the washing machine. This does a lot of damage to the fur, pulls hair out, and leaves you with a large clump of hair after washing. Instead, use mild wool detergent and cold water and carefully remove stains by hand. If possible, only wash the area that is contaminated. Also, if possible, avoid letting the fur get soaked. Shake the fur to remove any remaining water.


Do not tumble dry the fur. Instead, dry it in a well-ventilated room out of direct sunlight. Also avoid direct heat, for example from a hairdryer, and do not place the fur on the heater to dry. Regularly pull the fur in shape as it dries to maintain the elasticity of the leather.

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