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Scented candle Zébré mandarine

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Scented candle Zébré mandarine

Scented candle from natural and organic raw materials in a ceramic vessel, handmade in a traditional manufactory in Morocco. The mandarine scent offers a fruity scent.

The raw materials required for production are carefully selected: natural fragrances from Grasse, the cosmopolitan city of perfume, wicks made of pure cotton from Italy (are straightened by hand), soy wax from the USA and high-quality paraffin wax from Egypt without black smoke and optimal fragrance diffusion.

S: dia 7.5cm, h 9cm, burn time 40 hours
M: dia 12cm, h 10cm, burn time 80 hours
L: dia / h 15cm, burn time 180 hours

Scented candle Zébré mandarine