Time to get personal.

Maria & Mo:

Via detours in advertising, I ended up with my soul project: with my own concept store. 🖤
My name is Maria, I am 44 years old and happy with a husband and a dog. The latter turned out to be a soul dog, which is why he is the namesake for my interior business: Mo (ritz). Difficult start, but then got off to a brilliant start as the best companion. So which name would have been better?!
The current situation may not be the perfect time. But maybe right now. I believe in things that are different. Because they have a story to tell. You can already look back on an eventful past. They are special because of their materials. They were traditionally made by human hands. And these things never come out of time.
Every piece in my shop is individually selected, I know every single story. And I hope I can share all of this valuable information with many of you soon.
Get through this period of time safe and sound.
All the best from Maria & Moritz